How can I submit a site for posting to your webpage?
Click on the “Suggest” button and send an e-mail to the webmaster.

Why hasn’t the site I recommended been posted yet?
Posting requires about 48 hours. That’s how long it takes for our staff to research the site you suggested, then add a link to the site from our site.

I’ve read some of the stories on your site. They aren’t all true, are they?
The stories that appear on the site are presented in the way that they are submitted to us. We make no claims as to their validity. You, the reader, must decide for yourself if you believe the story as it is presented to you.

I think I know the guy who wrote one of your stories. How can I contact him?
We have e-mail addresses for everyone who submits stories. If the name isn’t listed with the story, it has been withheld by request. If you would like to contact someone who has contributed to our site, send us your request and we’ll make sure it gets to the person in question.

How do you know that the stories appearing on your site were submitted by veterans? Do you verify their identities before posting their stories?
We don’t do any background investigations or research into the validity of the stories reported on the site. We take the word of the contributors as being the truth.

If you don’t check the identities of the people submitting stories or the validity of the stories, doesn’t that damage the credibility of your site?
No. The stories submitted by our guests are presented here for their entertainment value. We understand that many of the stories may contain exaggerations and incorrect facts.